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Thank God for officially bringing Christ-Anointed Church (CAC) from September 2013 to the present. The Lord began our journey at 1766 Ellis Avenue, Jackson, MS affectionately known as the Pizza Hut Church which was offered out of the kindness of the New Horizon Church family for our first meeting August 18, 2013 but our first official Sunday was declared the 8th day of September 2013.  Then only 7 months later God saw fit to provide us with our present location where our first Sunday service meeting convened March 2, 2014.

All ministries at Christ-Anointed Church have one vision and goal in mind; to first know Christ and then show Christ.  Therefore, the banner lifestyle and wholesome conversation of every CAC member should resemble that which proves that we are truly owned by Christ.  CAC members have, as their primary concern, the wholeness of the members and potential members of the body of Christ in the family of God as our new beginning history continues.

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